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Undoubtedly, Puerto Madryn has a priceless touristic value and a strategic location, being the largest services center in the Patagonian coast and the door to Peninsula Valdes, was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. Sanctuary of maritime life, with seals, sea elephants, penguins and whales.

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Puerto Madryn Tourist Information
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Touristic information about Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes for your holidays:

Peninsula Valdes:
Situated on the Northwestern coast of Chubut province, this Natural Protected Area, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, it's become the main attraction in the Patagonian coast, due to its biological and geographic features. Whales, sea elephants, seals, Magellan dolphins, numerous land fauna species and marine birds will become the main characters of your visit, within a unique natural setting, mainly chosen by nature lovers.

Punta Loma:
This natural reserve was created on 29 September 1967 by Provincial Law N° 697. It's one of the first fauna reserves of the conservation system of Chubut province. If you take Almirante Brown Boulevard on Southeast direction, you will pass by the university, and on your right you'll find the 14 km. gravel road towards the group of seals. In this natural reserve you will find a viewpoint on a ravine with a view towards Golfo Nuevo, where you'll get an excellent view of single-hair seals (Otaria flavescens).

Punta Tombo:
Declared Natural Protected Area in 1979, this is the habitat of the world’s largest Magellan penguins, with over 175 thousand reproductive couples. This is the main attraction driving both national and foreign visitors. The wide area (290 hectares) will allow you to enjoy numerous bird and sea mammal species, such as cormorants, gulls, scubas, guanacos, mara and rheas.

El Doradillo:
Its main attraction is the coastal watching of the Southern Franca Whale (Eubalaena australis), which gathers there every year between May and October to give birth and breast-feed its calves. The physiognomy of its coasts will make your watching more attractive and successful, as you'll be able to see these enormous cetaceans a few meters away fro the shore. Its infinite scenic beauty and the privilege of being able to appreciate these marine mammals simply from the shore has made El Doradillo a unique spot, very frequented by both residents and national and foreign tourists.

Puerto Madryn - Peninsula Valdes Tourist Information

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